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The Communications Works Plant – DOM in Poznan Ltd is part of the Polish State Railways (PKP) Group.


Since 1954, as the Division of Mechanised Road Works – DOM in Poznan, and today as the Communications Works Plant – DOM in Poznan Ltd., we have continued our tradition of carrying out track work.


There is 50 years of history behind the term “DOM” in the Company business name and it originates from the terminology used by the Polish State Railways:


  1. “D” stands for Road Services
  2. “O” is associated with Execution Divisions
  3. “M” refers to mechanised work

The name DOM has become synonymous with high quality and state-of-the-art services not only in Poznan, but also across the entire railway construction sector.


The Communications Works Plant – DOM in Poznan Ltd. in its new legal form opened for business on 1st September 2001 under the law dated 8th September 2000 on the commercialisation, restructuring and privatisation of the state enterprise “Polish State Railways”.


The year 2004 was the beginning of the second 50-year period of Company operations aimed at developing, modernising, and maintaining the railway infrastructure in Poland.


In 2014 the Company celebrated its 60th anniversary in the repair and construction sector. 2015 has been a year for large investment projects. We have purchased two high-capacity track machines: the CSM 08-32U and UNIMAT 09-475 4SY tamper. It is the first tamper of its kind in the PLK Group. Moreover, the Company is systematically improving its technical potential by e.g. purchasing new trucks, rail excavators, and lightweight equipment.


The Communications Works Plant – DOM in Poznan Ltd. has become an integral part

of the history of our city, Wielkopolska, and the entire country.


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