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Our Company has 3 stationary units:


  1. The Investment and Maintenance Work Division in Poznan.
  2. The Maintenance Work Division in Leszno.
  3. The Track Machinery Division in Zbąszyń.


We have 420 employees


We render services related to the repair of railway infrastructure, including:


  1. Construction and reconstruction of railway lines,
  2. Construction and reconstruction of stations,
  3. Earth and subgrade works,
  4. Periodic and major track repairs,
  5. Track tamping,
  6. Subcrust cleaning,
  7. Chemical removal of plants,
  8. Removal of natural disaster effects,
  9. Mineralisation of fire emergency lanes,
  10. Investor supervision,
  11. Assembly and cutting of steel structures,
  12. Repair, maintenance and preparation for inspection of equipment subject to Technical Supervision:
    • hoisting cranes,
    • lifts,
    • self-propelled cranes,
    • gantry cranes,
    • pressurised containers
  13. Repairs of motor trucks,
  14. Rental of machines and equipment for track and construction work,
  15. Providing services using cranes and vehicle-mounted and basket lifts,
  16. Construction work: painting and disassembly.


In particular we carry out:


Repairs and systematic maintenance of railway infrastructure:

    • mechanical tamping of tracks and turnouts with adjustment in plane and profile
    • mechanical cleaning of ballast subcrust
    • replacement of single railway infrastructure elements
    • improving the attachment of railway infrastructure elements
    • repairs and current maintenance of rail/road crossings
    • removal of weeds along railway lines
    • ensuring continuity of railway traffic
  1. Construction and modernisation of railway infrastructure:
    • construction of new tracks and turnouts,
    • modernisation of existing sections of railway lines and sidings,
    • replacement of railway infrastructure including modernisation of geometrical setup for tracks,
    • modernisation of geometrical setup for track joints – replacement of turnouts and track crossings,
    • construction and modernisation of rail/road crossings
  2. Construction and modernisation of railway subgrade:
    • construction of subgrade in new-built sections of railway lines and sidings
    • modernisation of subgrade in existing sections of railway lines and sidings
  3. Construction and modernisation of drainage lines for railway subgrade including:
    • modernisation and construction of drainage lines
    • rebuilding and reinforcement of slopes
  4. Full scope of earth works (embankments, excavations)
  5. Repairs and current maintenance of railway subgrade:
    • elimination of local subgrade defects
    • current maintenance of drainage lines
  6. Preparation and implementation of work involving construction and modernisation of railway infrastructure facilities, including:
    • preparation of construction and technological documentation
    • survey services covering track and subgrade work
    • rental of machines and equipment for track work
  7. Shipping and transport of railway infrastructure materials and machinery for track work:
    • subcrust materials
    • concrete products
    • wooden products
    • steel products